Last modified August 24th, 2021

The experiments planned within the CO&GO project involved tourists, workers and citizens.

Visitors / spectators target (similar to tourists)

On Saturday 13 July 2019, an awareness raising event and promotion of carpooling as a means of transport to reach public events such as concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, etc. was held at the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale.

In particular, on the occasion of a concert, spectators were given the opportunity to obtain an entrance ticket and free parking for those who came to the show with crews of at least 3 people. More details 

The start of the experimentation aimed at citizenship is scheduled for autumn 2021 and will involve in particular the municipalities of Almese, Alpignano, Avigliana, Bussoleno, Caprie, Casalborgone, Caselette, Colegno, Condove, Leinì, Pianezza, San Gillio, Susa, Vaie, Venaus and Villar Dora. Stops will be made in these municipalities to facilitate the boarding and alighting of carpooling passengers.

To support the experimentation, the Jojob Real Time Carpooling smartphone application was created, which allows to organize a carpooling trip as a driver or as a passenger, easily share travel costs, and join the CO&GO community.

Here you will find a short presentation>> (PRESENTAZIONE_APP.PDF)

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In the municipality of Collegno, an experimentation on carpooling has been launched targeted at the world of workers thanks to the collaboration with the companies Prima Industrie spa and Pattern spa that have joined the tender published by Zona Patto Ovest srl (project partner).

The announcement required interested companies to adopt the carpooling service through the platforms available on the market - web app - and the related services for promotion, information, support, monitoring, etc. The announcement also required experimentation with new employee incentive mechanisms.

This initiative, in addition to making a contribution available to companies, guarantees a second-level corporate welfare opportunity as well as green marketing action.

The Experimental Service must measure the following results:

  • Reduction of the use of private vehicles in the systematic trips of employees: home-work and work-work,
  • Increase in shared use of the vehicle, highlighting its cost-effectiveness and environmental impact and enhancing the intermodal possibilities offered by the local public transport system.
  • Less pressure on parking
  • Reduction of energy dependence
  • Reduction of polluting emissions into the atmosphere
  • Transportation cost reduction

Creation of stops

In the map below you can see the stop points made in the municipalities participating in the experiment, these points set up with different furnishing elements are united by a single graphic line of information panels, in this way a single carpooling system either spontaneous or organized through the APP will be recognizable over a large area, and will favor the identification of the CO&GO community.