European projects


The Alcotra Italy-France cross-border project aims to improve the accessibility of the cross-border mountain area, with particular attention to all modes of transport that meet sustainability requirements: from on-call buses to electric bikes to car sharing. It is based on a "bottom up" way of working, starting from the needs of the territory to arrive at shared solutions.

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Dynamic heart

The "Higt Valleys Mobility - Dynamic Heart" project - intends to reduce individual car use and to develop mobility alternatives, through new connection and information solutions between territories and more environmentally friendly modes of transport.

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TVA - Green Train of the Alps

The project aims to increase the effectiveness and usability of Local Public Transport (T PL) services, with an orientation towards eco-sustainable solutions. The territorial impact will translate into a reduction in private, commuter and tourist vehicular traffic, both on the Simplon axis and on the supply lines.
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Co & Go Sharing and Governance

The Co & Go project aims to promote carpooling, i.e. the shared and more sustainable use of the car. An opportunity for public administrations to accompany and support a process of cultural change towards new styles of mobility.
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Leonardo da Vinci

The Leonardo da Vinci Program allows organizations to cooperate with European partners, exchange good practices and increase the work experience of their staff.
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The TRIA project aims at the progressive improvement of cross-border public transport between the historic Alpine regions of Savoy and the Dauphiné through the coordination of services and more effective information to the public.