Co & Go, acronym for Sharing and Governance - Covoiturage et Gouvernance, focuses on the spread of Car-pooling, that is, the shared use of the car. An alternative and more sustainable solution to travel by car which consists in sharing a single car with several people by making the same journey or part of it. The purpose of the move can be, for example: to go to work, to university, accompany the children to school, reach places of leisure or major events.

Traveling in sharing is particularly advantageous, it allows you to:

  • reduce the number of cars in circulation, with a positive impact in terms of reducing air pollution and traffic flow;
  • reduce the costs of using your car,
  • foster social relationships and can make a trip that would otherwise have taken place in solitude more enjoyable.

The project is an opportunity for the Public Administration to accompany and support a process of cultural change towards new lifestyles that favor the optimization of resources, promote socialization and the protection of the environment.

Co & Go included the exchange of Italy / France experiences, the analysis of good practices at different territorial scale and the needs of the cross-border territory, the launch of targeted communication and awareness campaigns, the adoption of web / app platforms for the creation and incentives for crews, and the creation of real stops to facilitate interchange.