Analysis of good practices


Last modified August 24th, 2021

The project group focused on the identification and analysis of good practices on carpooling in Italy in Europe and in the world, the result of which has been summarized in specific sheets that you can find in the documentation and good practices section at the following link: Carpooling: Co & Go Project


The project aims to focus on mobility patterns of 3 targets:

  • Citizens
  • Proximity Tourists
  • Workers

that for their daily commutes from home to work and in their free time can make a difference by reducing the number of cars on the road.

Before carrying out the pilot initiatives, the project activities involved carrying out a survey on the habits and willingness of the sample population to practice carpooling. The information was collected by the Agency and / or by the project partners by administering a hard copy or online questionnaire, roughly structured to understand the level of knowledge and practice of carpooling, propensity, thrills and improvement actions to increase the practice.

Two different target citizens and tourists were investigated, and four territorial areas.