Metropolitan Railway System project

The Metropolitan Railway System project is aimed at reorganising the suburban rail services in the Turin metropolitan area. It is made possible by the building of a new four-track city-crossing rail which is going to replace the current two tracks. Thanks to this renewed infrastructure a new five-line suburban rail system is expected to be operational in 2012 with a 30 minutes time-phased timetable. The SFM is aiming for a better medium/short range mobility for commuters in the metropolitan area and in Turin main city. Travellers of Turin Airport will also benefit from a faster city link. The system is expected to provide also fast connection between its different railway routes and the other means of transport (subway, tramway, buses). The main characteristics of the project are: city-crossing routes, around-the-clock timetable for the whole day and higher frequency across the stretch of city tunnel shared by all routes. The SFM is going to allow easy access in the whole metropolitan area. New stations are going to be opened and the existing ones are going to benefit from the increased frequency of the trains. After the completion of the first phase of the project, since 2008 the main activities have been the timetable planning, the selection of the most appropriate rolling stock and sharing the project within the territory.