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Plans and projects

The AMP takes part in the planning process of the transport network in the region.

Projects at tre metropolitan area level

Turin Metropolitan Area Railway System

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The Turin Metropolitan Area Railway System project is aimed at transforming and upgrading the suburban rail services in the Turin metropolitan area >>.

Metro line 2

metro 2 en

AMP took part in the evaluation process of the Metro line 2 route. This was made possible by the use of simulation models.

Night bus network

night bus service

The AMMT took part in the design and implementation of the night bus service. The benchmark was the well known Nacht Netz of Zurich.

Projects at the regional level

Progetto Movicentro

The Movicentro projects aims at strenghtening the regional interchange stations. See pages in Italian for details.

European Projects

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Programme

Cooperation agreement between AMM and ZTM Warsaw. Further details.

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