Consorzio di interesse regionale

Consortium structure

The Assembly

The Assembly members are representatives of the member administrations: the Mayor, the President or another appointed delegate.

The Assembly is a permanent body and it is not subject to renewal except for the members who are no longer appointed by their respective administrations.

The members of the Assembly receive no additional allowance for their duty.

The President of the Assembly is the Regional deputy mayor.

The President of the Consortium

Cristina Pronello - appointed on September 30th 2016.

The President of the Consortium is designated by an agreement between the President of the Regional government and the Mayor of Turin and its metro area. The designated President is then appointed by the Assembly.

Members of the Board

Cristina Pronello (President)
Alberto Avetta (Representative for the Turin metro area
Metteo Besozzi (Representative for North-East Piedmont)
Mauro Calderoni (Representative for South Piedmont)
Paolo Filippi (Representative for South-East Piedmont)


The Board was elected by the Assembly on September 30th 2016.

The Board remains in office for three years. The Board members remain in office until the election of new members.

According to the Statute, the members of the Board are:

  • The President of the Consortium
  • One representative of each of the 4 sub-regions:
    • Metropolitan territory of Turin;
    • South-East Piedmont
    • South Piedmont
    • North-East Piedmont


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